Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pont Jacques Cartier bridge bike path Police Action

My initial report below is almost completely incorrect.

Our bad.

The facts are that the police are aware that the bike path accross the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge crosses the exit off the mid-bridge to Ile Ste-Helene/La Ronde/Parc Drapeau and this street crossing is extremely dangerous for bicyclists. There is a walk-your-bike sign here to cross the busy road, almost universally ignored by cyclists who don't even look and cruise across this dangerous spot.

Be aware of super-danger sports cyclists!

And if you see a bunch of cops at any intersection, you should put 2+2 together and try to hyper-obey the posted traffic laws, because the cops are there for enfor$ement, not mere education.


The original error-filled post:
There was news in La Presse about a police crackdown on the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge bike path - police are giving tickets for... riding your bike on the path.

Yes, you read that right.

Where the bridge bike path touches down back on land in Longueuil is a older, narrower section of bike path. Apparently cyclists are supposed to walk the 1000 feet to the street level, and the police were happily doing their favorite activity: a crackdown!

Forget about making the path wider and safer, that's scheduled for a speedy 20019-1012 time window - a solid decade AFTER the bridge renovation!

Forget about using the tool of education (or speed bumps) to make people slow down.

No, the police use their POWER and FORCE to make life shitty for everyone.

Contrast this to the Pont du Quebec in Quebec city, it's is also a narrow barely fits-two cyclists, it's where people see each other and one or both!) stop and be courteous and let the other person pass. Nosirree, not in Longueuil will the bureaucracy and police use intelligence, civisme, and education to solve the problem. o, it's $53 dollar ticket, (and they smirked, another $53 if you are wearing your ipod).

Policing does not have to be cruel or punatitive. Unless you are in Longueuil... in other words, stay thew heck AWAY from Longueuil.

Heres the telephone number of the mayor of Longueuil Mr Claude Gladu : 450-463-7001
You can email the mayor here (click here)


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