Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visiting... le P'tit train du Nord and Val David's 1001 pots

A Teapot selection

View towards the displayed-by-artist area

Gentle climb to Val David - many scenic stops along the river are possible

The tea stand is at right side of this building

There's supposed to be 35,000 ceramic pieces on display, not just 1001!

Friday was opening day for the 1001 pots outdoor exhibition/gallery in Val David.

And, it's summer and getting out of town is a highly desirable activity.

And we cyclists know that pedal powered recreation creates it's own breeze and any hot temperature is made cooler by riding along on a bicycle.

We combined the three of them into a trip on the P'tit train du Nord from Ste-Adele to Val David for a visit to the 1001 pots (it's never too early to buy Christmas presents)

Our favorite section - both for scenic purposes and for introducing new visitors to the From Ste-Adele it is 17 km to Val David, slightly, gently, but persistently uphill the whole way (steeper the first 8 km to the canyon, and flattish after that). While this may seem less than fun to some folks, coming back with gravity assist will make up for it--trust us, have we ever lied to you before? Nosirree.

We arrived and had a pot of japanese tea to energize us after the ride here.

Items are arranged both thematically (bowls, mugs, espresso cups, cafe au lait bowls, flower pots/vases etc..) and by artist.

We picked up a bunch of out favorite Réjean Bérard mini bowls which are ridiculously cheap, and useful for many small tasks around the kitchen and dining table.

After viewing everything and sitting down some more we started the ride back to Ste-Adele. The time was late and it was getting cooler, so we donned a sweater (it was 28 degrees earlier!) and rode nonstop and with wide-smiles the highly enjoyrable downhill ride back to Ste-Adele. Along the way we even saw a red fox. No, it was not on bicycle.

For more information:
The P'tit train du Nord website
The 1001 pots website

Have a great summer!


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