Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saw bad bike accident on ride home

While riding up the Berri hill on bike path under sherbrooke street, we saw a cop car and a woman lying on the ground with a very bad head injury, blood and a big feeling of "this is not good," and the ambulance arrive as we walked our bikes past the accident.

The woman was not wearing a helmet.

A police woman was holding her head and comforting her. Cops have got a lot of flak lately for some of their less-restrained antics, but we all need to remember, sometimes cops are there to help. Sometimes they are the only one to help.

I hope the woman is ok and didn't get hurt too bad.

Ride safe everyone, and please wear a helmet, you only need it for one second every few years, but when it does it's job you can get back up and ride (and live!) another day.


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