Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few bad drivers

Some folks have commented that we seem to pick on bad behavior by cyclists when it comes to traffic regulations.

What about bad car drivers?

Here's a quick sample of some of our least favorite car driving behaviours. These are dangerous driving habits that we see all the time.

Making a left turn from the right lane. He cut off that car on the right who was in the correct lane to turn left. We are seeing more of this and it needs to stop. He passed me and asked me why I was taking picture. Oh, and he honked like crazy when I was waiting for the traffic going in the other direction at light.

Running red lights. My least favorite red light runner location, red light at Graham road in TMR at NE side on giant traffic circle. (not where picture is taken). This man saw the light turn yellow. He saw the light turn red. Our light turns green. We go. He speeds through the red light with a few feet to spare. Takes traffic loop (30 km posted max speed) quite a bit faster than the legal speed. Licence number 022WXQ.

Running stop signs. School bus driver ran stop sign a few feet before this. I stopped legally and as I was starting (no other cars) , he comes up, barely slows and then guns engine and cuts off my legal intersection crossing. He got out of van at light when he saw the camera and started to scream at me. He said, I think, c'mon, take my picture too. He ran a red light further south on St-Croix street also. This person drives a school bus? Call that phone number! (we called the SAAQ instead)

Car passing other cars on the right lane at stop sign, won the race and took off at Formula One speeds. This is the lane where slower traffic is, and where cyclists are supposed to be safe. Quebec license plate number TS1318

Right turn on red light is not legal on Montreal island. That law didn't stop this jackass from saving 30 seconds on his drive to work wednesday morning. License plate 125 QYP

Cyclist riding the wrong way on the one-way street. And, on the wrong side of the road. Use the sidewalk as a shortcut around our legal cycling behaviour a second after this. Oh, sorry this was supposed to be about cars. But really, it's about dangerous drivers on city streets, and this women clearly qualifies.

Good advice

We always try to keep a safe distance from dangerous/crazy people. You should too. Avoid confrontations. Take down the licence number and call the police. Do NOT take revenge. Do not take the law in to your own hands. We pay for police to keep the roads safe. If there is a problem driver or intersection that concerns you, call the police, your elected representative, or start your own blog.

Ride safe everyone!


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