Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's summer sunset time - best time to ride ever

The trip our planet takes around the sun every year has arrived at the point when Montreal sunsets are between 7 and 8 pm in the evening.

It is time when we can easily have our day improved by watching a sunset.

Sunsets are enjoyable, satisfying, ethereal things, each one different, each one eventually finishing (with or without applause).

But we have to make the time to get outside to enjoy the sunset show. Do it.

(Bike survival tip: early sunsets mean early darkness, ride safe with good bike lights. Now's a good time to change the battery in your front and rear bike light. You don't have a front and rear bike light? Visit your local bike shop today!)

Sunset tip: the best place to see a sunset in Montreal is Saint-Joseph Oratory, at the top. Either at the top section of the stairs, or the top parking lot on the west side (reachable by bike via the new road).


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