Friday, September 05, 2008

montreal streets - complete chaos

With pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and roller bladers all following their own rules (as in NO RULES) the situation on Montreal city streets and intersections can only be described as complete anarchy. Chaos. There are large numbers of people doing suicidal things.

We are riding our bikes, through the intersection around dark, with the green light and with flashing high-visibility bike lights, and still young male idiots are stepping out right in front of us! We stopped at the next corner at the light and the male started to harass us. for his jaywalking ready-to-die behaviour.

Montreal police need to do more than their habitual springtime bike and pedestrian safety crackdown/publicity spectacle. Safety at Montreal intersections is completely absent. Get out of your cars, men and women of the Montreal police force, and let us see you do your job: protecting the public safety.


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