Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ride safe or...

We recently visited the hospital and met some bike accident victims.

Speaking to the medical staff, they told us that people who don't have bike helmets often have fractured skulls and brain injuries. When we asked about the long-term effects of a brain injury, we were left with a profound sense of "we are glad we always wear our helmets-and we will always wear one!"

Besides brain injuries, did you know you can also lose part or all of your hearing? You can have double-vision for week or months? You might not even be able to recognize the people you know and love? And the headaches, oh, the headaches! You won't believe the headaches.

It's not just a question of helmets, it's really all about riding safe: sidewalk riding, not stopping at intersections, and busy bike paths are all great sources of bike accidents.

In 2008 we have made a strong effort to stop at red lights. We have made an even stronger effort to wait until the green lights. It's really only a few seconds, and life, as they say, is worth it.


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