Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Safe cycling quiz

Here's a short safe cycling quiz:

Where does safe cycling begin?
  1. With strict and enforced regulations
  2. With good parenting
  3. I don't understand the question
We vote for number 2 - Safe cycling begins with good parenting.

We went for a ride in busybikepathland on Monday afternoon. We were almost killed by a variety of riders doing a variety of crazy and dangerous manoeuvres, but we noticed one particular situation occurring again and again.

A family with a bunch of kids. The kids were riding everywhere - on their side on the path, on our side of the path, and on the road beside the bike path.

Now before you start throwing rocks our way, let me explain.

There were many families exhibiting excellent bike path behaviour. The parent riding in front and a neat line of children following them. Or, a neat line of children with a parent at the rear.

The key concept here that the parents set a correct example, and made sure the children followed it!

And we say.. Hurray!

And then there were the other people, which we compare to a swarm of angry bees. That we ride into. With a bitchy queen who wants us to get out of her way, even though there is nowhere to go, since her little nest of demons is on, as we said above, their side of the path, our side of the path, and the adjacent roadway. And if we dare to say lookout (!), we get a lot of swearing aimed our way!

So, we believe that safe cycling begins with good parenting. It really makes a difference.

If you need some advice on how to achieve this goal, both Transport Quebec and Velo Quebec have programs to help you teach bicycle safety to your children. And we rcommend that you do, before it's too late.


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