Sunday, November 09, 2008

2008 cycling year almost over

Another season of cycling is wrapping up.

Thanks for reading our Montreal bike blog, we have tried to write some semi-coherent information to help you enjoy the great activity, sport, lifestyle, transportation alternative, and mental health improvement plan called riding your bicycle.

Montreal is a jewel of a city, with good urban riding, an improving bike path network, and truly great riding opportunities in any direction off the island.

We wish you a happy winter, and we will try to spend some time this winter putting together some summaries of some of the things we covered this year to give you some great riding ideas for 2009.

As for surviving winter, we recommend you get a pair of good snowshoes and go up mt-royal, after work at night is NEVER dark once there is snow on the ground. You can also cross-country ski up Mt Royal, it's an excellent 45 minute ski climb, with a great 30 minute downhill once you reach the top!

But wait... the sun is shining, it's not winter yet (or raining), so we're going for a ride. A good not-too-far destination is chambly, maybe that will be today's ride-from-home destination.


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