Saturday, November 22, 2008

Downtown grey-cup gridlock and cyclist safety

Ontario drivers are in town and OMG cyclists, be careful.

One tried to take me out by passing me with a right turn in front of me, right off a red light when the green changed to the straight-only arrow, and he did this right in front of a cop. This dim bulb of a driver then did a lot of rude shouting at me when I (respectfully, as in please sir...) protested his attempt to kill me. Anyway, we'd like to say that we are immensely proud of our magnificent cyclist butt, and thank you for bringing it to our, and the worlds, attention.

We don't want to say that all Ontario drivers are bad, we saw many driving courteous and safely, but there are some grey-cup booze-fueled and downtown-gridlock frustrated drivers who think that cyclists are better off as road kill. This man clearly believed that the only good cyclist was a dead cyclist.

So please everybody ride safely and respectfully. You never know when the car driver is looking to take out his aggression and frustrations on an innocent victim.


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