Friday, November 14, 2008

gas prices down? Not for long!

With the recent sharp drop in gas prices, you might be tempted to think it's the 1990s again.

We are here to yell you that gas demand globally is only ever going to go up, and supply is pretty much the most it's ever going to be, meaning (a touch of classical economics here) the price will go up. (remember last summer? Now, think about next summer!)

Why not use the savings from this temporary price drop to save for a bike, and shop this winter when bike shops are highly motivated to make a deal.

Then next year, when warm temperatures and sunshine return, you can take your bike to work and save even more money!

And after work you can go for a ride, and have fun and lose weight, and defeat stress, and have fun, and make your own world the best it can be. (We didn't call our blog cycle Fun Montreal for nothing!)


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