Sunday, November 09, 2008

New bike path on ile des soeurs

Nun's Island has a new riverside bike path (piste cyclable) between the existing bike path and the new "Bell campus."

When you arrive on Nun's island from Verdun you sill see a new path leading down to the river's edge. This will take you to the new Bell campus along the river between Nun's island and Verdun on Montreal Island.

The only downside was a few smashed beer and alcopop bottles on the new path. Oie!

In an interesting irony, there was a big billboard touting Verdun's respect for nature, ironic because Verdun is cutting down forest and filling wetland as fast as it possibly can on Nun's island!

Enough negativity, this little path will be an great little detour for an excellent view of Montreal island during summertime after-work and sunset rides.


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