Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New bike accessories?

Buddy 20Q is claiming to be getting a modern road bicycle this year. We incentivized the situation with the offer of a collection of new bike accessories as a gift. We can be kind, when we know the result will be better cycling experiences for everyone involved.

The list?

buy/install at same time as bike is built:
spd pedals (I use mtn bike style)
spd shoes (I use mtn bike style, so walking is possible)
water bottle cage(s)
water bottle(s)
bike computer with cadence

Bike accessories
Kryponite Evolution U-lock

light - front (removeable)
light - rear (removeable)

camelbak mini backpak (various sizes)

tool kit for inside camelbak (optional: seatbag)
-multi tool
-chain tool
-spoke key
-mini vise grip (4 inch)
-mini crescent wrench (4 inch)
-portable tire pump
-patch kit
-tire levers
-spare tube
-spare brake cable & shifter cable

floor pump
chain oil

indoor bike trainer
bike rack for car (roof or hitch mount)


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