Saturday, January 10, 2009

our secret weakness-Night cross country skiing

Yes, we are weak, and tempted, and lazy, put them all together and you have the joy of nighttime cross country skiing.

We conveniently live close to Mont Royal and since the moon is full and the snow is fresh, we went for a night-time cross country ski adventure last night.

People, it doesn't get better than this. The cross country trail up to the summit of Mt Royal is one of the better cross country ski trails you will find, and besides the scenic excellence and uniqueness of a cross country trail up a mountain in the heart of a major urban metropolis, the terrain is a great (cycling cross training) workout since the first 30 minutes are all uphill. And the descent, well, the descent totally rocks.

So, tonight the moon will be full, the snow is fresh, and we hope every one of you takes this opportunity to enjoy Montreal's single best winter experience: a night cross country ski to the summit of Mont Royal.

Note: yes, there's enough light to ski at night.

La Presse's vacance/voyage section in Saturday's paper had some excellent features on Quebec outdoor activities, adventures, and festivals you can enjoy this winter. We recomment the La Press newspaper highly.


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried a night run last week after the snow fall - it was very nice. But it is also a little confusing. It was my first time on Mont Royal, and I got lost in the Trail 1/2 loop after Smith House, and I completely missed the summit loop.

Went again during the day on Saturday with some friends, and I made sure to enter the summit loop this time. But I don't remember seeing the cross, and we seemed to exit out of the loop a little too quick. There was an odd intersection with a trail marker pointing left, even though the trail seemed to be naturally continuing straight. I guess next time I'll continue straight (if I can remember any features that is!)


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