Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our trainer workout

With the addition of motivational fast music, an indoor bike trainer workout is a tolerable way to get in / stay in shape in the winter.

We use two specific workouts to focus our training efforts to get the maximum results.

1) Cadence - do intervals at 110-115 rpm (pedaling cadence) with high power output. (link to the workout description)

2) Power - Do intervals at steadily increasing power output (normal pedaling cadence) until you reach your maximum output. How do you know when you reach your maximum power output? Oh, you'll know.

We also do some recovery rides, simulating rolling terrain and relying on good music to get through the sensory deprivation of indoor riding.

We are also big fans of using the classic stairmaster at high (i.e. maximum)level, which got us in excellent and even race-ready shape for many years.


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