Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunset snowshoeing

Saturday can be a busy day and what are you going to do at 4 in the afternoon when you're finally finished doing boring life stuff and you are finally free?

There's only one answer that combines the essential elements of fun, outdoors, sunset and superfantastic: a snowshoe adventure up Mt Royal at --and after-- sunset.

Saturday's deep freeze was mainly due to wind chill - we had big wind until after 4:00 pm. Then (like magic) the wind dropped to almost zero and being outside was a lot better.

So, our "plan" was working, and working well. We got out just in time to see the sunset and then the moon rise on top of Mt Royal.

Things got even better. We also are happy to report that winter 2009 has achieved "deep snow" conditions. Woohoo! Not every winter gives us deep snow, so enjoy it while you can.

Life was good. So we did two summits, Parc Mont Royal summit (the cross) and the Outremont Summit on top of the old ski hill above Cepsum. Views everywhere were perfect and there was not a cloud in the sky.

What a great day to be alive.


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