Monday, February 23, 2009

Some thoughts on the Expodium Montreal bike show

We visited the bike show on Sunday. Lots of people, lots of booths, and lots of travel destinations.

Some highlights:
  • test riding a bixi. With my near-empty backpack in the handlebar rack, when I stopped riding and put the bike on the kickstand, the Bixi was very keen to fall over. It liked it!
  • booths from tourism offices from a dozen Quebec regions.
  • The excellent bike maps available from the regional tourism office booths.
  • Giving feedback to the booths where I visited last year
Some suggestions for future shows: get the AMT to tell us about their new Bikes on Weekends regional bike trips. Huh? OK, I made this one up. Sorry (catherine), but there is no AMT bikes on Weekends program. But maybe one day we will get one.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Do you know more about thier Bikes on Weekends?


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