Friday, March 27, 2009

Cote Ste-Catherine bike path report

We have been taking a section of Cote Ste-Catherine road bike path and we think it is a positive contribution to bike transportation safety in Montreal, and a big addition to creating a bike path corridor north of the geographic obstacle of Mont Royal. Geographic obstacle? Hey, we still love you Mont Royal.

This path turns east at Villeneuve (one street south of boul. St-Joseph). The city installed some much-needed stop lights at this corner. Continuing on Villeneuve you connect to a whole bunch of bike paths through the Plateau. And the secret is... it's all downhill riding when you turn on Villeneuve.

We would like to report a few facts about Cote Ste-Catherine bike path.

1) The bike path is NOT officially finished.

2) The quality of the road surface is very poor. We are hoping for repaving. Cote Ste-Catherine in general has very bad asphalt and they did not repave when the built the path last fall. We hope the city will repave it, because it's a bloody mess.

3) We have not noticed any bike-specific intersection lights.

4) Cyclists do not stop for red lights. (Aieee!)

This is a BIG improvement in the context of a true city-wide network. A uninterupted bike path route north of Mont Royal does not yet exist, but this is a big step towards that goal.

Safe cycling everybody!


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