Saturday, March 07, 2009

First country ride of 2009

The river and road are quite close and friendly.

Tourism map kiosk at Ormstown IGA mall

The Bert at the dep in Athelstan

First ride of the year, and the first flat of the year. This wheel is jinxed.

Chateauguay river: is it the best ride within one-hours drive of Montreal?

March signals the end of winter and offers us some nice spring conditions. Sometimes. So we take advantage of the good weather when we can, like today.

The Chateauguay river is always a nice ride, today was warm(ish) and had gentle winds. We parked in Ormstown and rode the quiet roads along the Chateauguay river. We went upriver past dewittville (changed sides of the river to the south side), then to Huntingdon (where we fixed a flat) and finally to Athelstan. The road takes a turn due south and there are great views of the river and Covey hill. We got some food at the general store in Athelstan, then came back on the Lost Nation, Gore, and Tullochgorum roads back to Ormstown. Concluson: roads were in good shape, the weather was friendly, and it was an excellent start to 2009.


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pictures. I have a coffee shop/cd store in Enosburg Falls, Vermont just below Montreal. We often have montreal bicyclists stop at our store for smoothies, bagels, rest etc and we love having them. I think some are road riders and some are riding the "rail trail" which passes right by here. Is there a good way to let people from Montreal who might be thinking of coming down this way that we exist and that stopping here makes for a nice trip.
ben maddox


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