Friday, March 20, 2009


I rode my bike to work again today and I dressed a bit warmer because it was a bit colder outside. The skill is matching the temperature the the conditions ten minutes after you start, because you have warmed up and if you over dress. you sweat.

I also rode harder today, so I was a sweating a lot arriving at work, and for a few minutes afterward, even when I got to my desk after I changed.

If you need any ideas for the next week, we suggest the FIFA film festival. This is the Festival of films on art. We would give it a solid two thumbs up, except a racer told us once to NEVER take our hands off the handle bars.

This is my favorite film festival, and it's like having cable tv (which we don't have), since these movies often go on to live on cable specialty channels.

Spring is a couple of hours old. Only 90 days until summer!


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