Sunday, March 15, 2009

Short trips: Mont St-Gregoire

On the St-Gregoire summit looking north to St-Hilaire and Rougemont

St-Gregoire is the smallest of the collines Monteregiennes, but quite rocky!

We need one of these things on Mt Royal!

The Panarama deck, we'll be back!

Lots of Sugar Shacks around St-Gregoire

The Gazette travel writer David Johnston had a feature in the Saturday Gazette travel section on the travel sector of our Quebec economy. There had been a conference, and he spoke to some people about tourism here in Quebec. Comments were aligned along the thought that when people have recession on the brain, they take trips and vacations closer to home. Closer to home was defined as 120 km away, with a longer sector being to 320 km.

Montreal is blessed with lots of good things within 120 km.

Need proof? Yesterday's bike ride through the chateauguay valley.

Need more proof? Today we went through the Richelieu valley with a tour between Richelieu (beside Chambly) to Mont St-Gregoire.

This Richelieu valley/Mont St-Gregoire exploration was based on a map we got from Bikely. We added to the adventure with a hike up to the top of Mont St-Gregoire at the CIME parking. There was a $3 entry fee and it was well-worth it.

The weather was absolutely picture-perfect, a better day was not had anywhere on the planet.

We encourage everyone to visit the best province and nation in Canada and the world, our wonderful Quebec.


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