Sunday, March 01, 2009

Velodrome for Montreal?

Since the disgraceful closing of Montreal's Olympic Velodrome and it's subsequent conversion into an indoor zoo, this city has a need for an indoor velodrome.

La Presse's Jean-François Bégin in Sunday's paper calls for a replacement. Finally!

Read the article here. (french)

In other Montreal Olympic facilities gone to waste news, the RDS TV sports network offers some tips on how other cities (allo Vancouver?) can avoid Montreal's example of the complete failure to benefit Montreal citizens (and the nation) with the shiny new sports facilities left over after the Olympics leaves town. (hint: don't convert them in to a zoo).


At 2:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I think biking is an outdoors activity. I do think that converting the old track into a zoo was a stupid idea. But am I for public spending to build a new indoor biking facility? No.

This is my personal opinion, but if I wanted to bike indoors, I would go to my gym and use the fixed bicycles there. The whole experience of biking, to me, is to be able to smell fresh air, cross neighborhoods that I like, watch mother nature in its daily routines.

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We most certainly need a track in Montreal! I can't drive 3 hours to Bromont just to bike on a track, well not too often anyway...

And FYI, being a fan of the whole "experience of biking", stationary bikes are totally lacking...the resistance is so fake, and it's sooo boring to do!

Track biking 4ever!


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