Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you Tiger Woods on a bicycle?

The Gazette's fitness columnist (and so much more) Jill Barker had a very interesting article this week on Sports Psychology.

Practice makes perfect, so let the automatic part of your brain take charge. You have to do your part and train, all your life if possible, but once you achieve the higher levels, let the brain do it's part of the training too. In a word, don't screw it up by thinking too much.

Lucky for us riding a bicycle is an action that we have lots of practice, just focus on doing it and don't spend too much mental effort on useless activity. (like the distraction that is your sore butt)

Jill Barker says it much better than us: go here to read it for yourself. Go now, because her always-excellent articles disappear after a few weeks online.


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