Thursday, April 09, 2009

Vélo Québec's Summer Challenge rides in the beautiful Quebec countryside

Vélo Québec has some interesting looking rides in the country around Montreal.

In fact these three rides hit the three key geographic regions surrounding Montreal: the eastern Townships (Appalachians), Lanaudiere (Laurentians), and Chateauguay Valley (Adirondacks).

Doing an organized ride is the easy and painless way to explore the beautiful Quebec countryside.

In fact, these rides are a ticket to paradise, at what is a very reasonable cost.

Regular readers know we like these three locations quite a lot.

Vélo Québec calls these rides (in english) "Summer Challenges" and each ride is offered in multiple distance options from 75-150 km.

Vélo Québec calls them les défis de l'été in french. (francais link)


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