Monday, May 04, 2009

Another great Mauricie ride?

Our latest Mauricie ride - a sucess!


Sunday's counter-clockwise loop ride through the MRC (county) of Maskinongé was excellent, for the following reasons:

good terrain, river to laurentian foothills (fields, rivers, forest, etc)
good distance: 110 km is not too short or too long
good weather, a bit of wind, sometimes in our favour
good scenery, flowers and trees coming into bloom (finally!)
surprise hard summit climb at Ste-Elie-de-Caxton church
saw what we hope was the last snowbank of the year
20 km descent back to Louiseville
good drive to ride starting point on Autoroute 40
we didn't miss any turns this time

The ride was a longer version of the ride here two weeks ago. We expanded the loop westward a bit, and the result was near-perfection. We'd skip the visit to St-Boniface, it was he only negative because the town didn't pave the road shoulders. Many communities in the region has paved road shoulders (Ste-Elie de Caxton, St-Paulin, and othrs had route signage, which was nice.

We combined several shorter road-rides from the carte cyclable for the MRC Maskinongé, and the result was a very nice ride. We recommend this one.


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