Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coaticook->St-Malo ride

We climbed out of Coaticook valley, and we were thinking: this looks like a good descent!

The route as planned (93km), but time ran out

So we turned around in St-Malo and rode the same route back to Coaticook

Which was OK since it was a great route

Catholic church at St-Malo, altitude 640M

Catholic church at Coaticook, parked car at left (off camera)

Catholic church at St-Edwidge (dep and SAQ here!)

Hills, with a emphasis on long climbs

Lookout tower at St-Malo... one of our favorite rest-stop locations

Our plan was a longer ride, but when we got to St-Malo our remaining available time and the remaining distance did not balance, so we turned around and rode the same road back to Coaticook. The descent into the town of Coaticook is as good as it gets.

This was another great ride, very scenic, good roads, and lots of climbing.

Lots. Of. Climbing.

Great views of the mountains of the eastern townships. A highly recommended ride for anyone wishing to improve their climbing ability, and who can also enjoy excellent scenery.

One final note, even if you have a seriously inflexible time to be back home for other obligations, make sure you stop at the Coaticook Ice Cream factory's ice cream stand for some delicious ice cream--better than beer and legal to eat while driving.


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