Friday, May 08, 2009

Tremblant to Trois Rivieres

We have explored all the roads on the "northern route" between Mont Tremblant and Trois Rivieres.

This year we put it all together start at Tremblant and ride to Trois Rivieres direct.

We'd make a bikely map of this ride, but for some reason Chemin Nordet btween St-Donat and Las Superieur near Tremblant is not on Google maps. It is new, but new in 2004, that's plenty of time to get it in to the google. Msn maps does have it, just to taunt us.

This year's explorations in mrc maskingongé in western Mauricie have completed the exploration phase.

It's been a long term idea, and maybe this year is the year to do it. We left a few-kilometre gap at either end to make the ride of the complete route at least a little-bit new terrain!


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