Saturday, May 09, 2009

how to ride faster?

We offered our friend some tips to speed up her rides...

So I have been thinking about your question about not being so slow, and I offer these suggestions:

aerodynamics - no loose baggy clothing (shaved legs good too, especially for the guys)
gain some weight, heavy people have stronger legs
take the air out of the faster person's tires (possibly, all of it!)
lighter tires will make you faster - less effort each time the wheel turns, and it turns a lot!
Get a red bike. Red bikes are faster.
Music (fast music that is) will make you faster
nutrition: on the endurance side, food feeds the muscles
winter gym time on bike with lots of sweating and heavy breathing will pay off in summer


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your alomst right!
I also tought that red bike were faster until I had a black bike.
My all black Kuota is faster than my older red and white Argon18!!!!


Ps: Nice blog, interresting to read,keep the good job!


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