Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quebec's new Photo Radar - Free photos for three months!

We know that as cyclists, Quebec's new photo radar and red-light cameras will not be sending us any tickets anytime soon. But we do hope it slows down some cars because we all know that accidents that occur at speeds over 50 km/h have a much greater chance of death than accidents at slower speeds.

For the first three months the cameras will be sending you the ticket and photo without any fine, as an educational act to encourage appropriate behavioural changes among the car-driving population.

Which brings up this interesting idea. Will anyone be collecting these free tickets? The locations of the fixed-location red light and speeding cameras are well publicized. You can go and drive by, at an unnecessarily fast and illegal speed, and get a free souvenir in the mail a few days later.

Collect the entire set!

We really do not encourage this wanton recklessness. Really, we do not.


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