Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's ride: Louiseville to St-Alexis des Monts - to Lac a l'Eac Claire (and back!)

We got a lot of good rides from this bike map of the Maskinongé part of la Mauricie region

The goal: Lac a l'Eau Claire

Today we will head to a start at Louiseville, then ride north, and then north some more to Lac a l'Eau Claire (lake of clear water).

If we are felling full of energy, we will take a side-trip to Hotel Lac Sacacomie, which has one thing: one of the steepest, longest hills in Quebec outside of the Charlevoix. Not so fun uphill, but it's a screamer of a downhill! By screamer we don't mean danger, because we think it's quite a safe hill in the lack-of-dangers department. We scream because we are having so much fun.

We have not done this particular route before, the ride between Louiseville and St-Alexis des Monts we have done in a south (return home) direction, this is the first time we head north on this route.

Here's the link to the map on Bikely (many variations are possible on the southern part of the route). The ride is 45 km each way, but the northern, uphill 45 km are probably going to be a lot slower than the return-back-south and downhill direction!

Gotta go!

Update: the rain came as e arrived in Louiseville, so we started inland a bit at Ste-Angele de Prémont - and the rain stayed away for the rest of the day!


At 3:48 PM, Blogger doraphilia said...

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Thank you so much!


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