Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tremblant-region Riviere Rouge ride

The map of the ride on Bikely.

Upper laurentians from space, starting point is at upper right.

Our friend's new baby, er, bike.

Scenery, there was a lot of quality scenery on this ride.

Pont Prudhomme covered bridge is a delight.

Well our new-bike owning friend didn't think St-Donat was such a great idea, so we rode the Riviere Rouge from St-Jovite (tremblant). This is a great ride for scenery, and a terrible ride for road quality (or lack thereof).

Scenically this is one of the jewels of Quebec and the Laurentians. And like all roads in the Laurentians, the road quality makes it seem that they just don't give a flying phoque about bicycle tourism. It's a shame really since otherwise this is a 5-star ride. (Note: since we have noticed the similar condition on Camelien Houde on Mont Royal, then we assume you, like us, have already learned and adopted a "floating over bumps" riding style)

We especially like the section Huberdeau-Brebeuf along the Rouge, we find we are well-warmed up, the road geography is rolling and not super-hilly, and we have managed the energy-budget to have lots of energy, which we spend here with some top speed riding. Our new-bike owning friend was attacking the bottoms of hills earlier in the day (we pace ourselves and wait, usually catching him at the top of the climb), we let him use up his energy there and by the time we get to this section of the ride, we put the hammer down and left him behind - way behind! He was two minutes behind by the time we reached Brebeuf again (the ride is "T" shaped and you pass in or near Brebeuf three times).

We are very happy hour friend ditched that heavy boat anchor he was riding before, but he needs to realize that his new bike is a hard-working fun-generating machine, and not a fragile baby that needs a bath and fresh diapers after the ride.

This is one of the really good rides in Quebec. Yes, even with those roads. It's that good.


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