Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bixi Availability outside downtown core?

The cbc asks our opinion, and, we presume, yours too:

Hi Cycle Fun Montreal,

My name is Salimah Shivji and I work for CBC Radio in Montreal. I'm looking to speak to some people who are annoyed that the Bixi bikes are not yet available in NDG, Hochelaga, and other surrounding neighbourhoods. I'm wondering if you know of any people?
If you could please call me at 514-597-xxxx, I would love to speak to you.


Salimah Shivji
CBC Radio Montreal
(514) 597-xxxx
We took the time to respond to Salivah's question, you can too!

Hi Salimah

Sorry, Bixi availability isn't one of my issues. This would be a major NON-story. If you do run this story, please ask these folks why they don't just buy themselves a bike?

There are lots of more important and interesting stories out there that contain bikes + Montreal in the story.

such as?

How about the news that bikes will be banned from the circuit gilles villeneuve race track ile notre dame on Parc Drapeau? That's big news, affects all cyclists, and is an example of heavy-handed bureaucratic "problem solving" and basically ruining a really good time and completely unique "Montreal experience" for montreal cyclists.

How about a news story about places where people can get educated on how to ride a bike properly, and/or how to do it safely.

How about man-on-the-street interviews of cyclists behaving badly, such as riding on on busy sidewalk (parc avenue at Laurier). Perhaps interview trafic expert about this particular and very common danger.

You could also be of service to the audience, and have a weekly pre-weekend feature featuring a montreal destination that you can ride a bike to (i.e. from home), I propose Maison St-Gabriel, which is simply amazing. Montreal has a huge number of great bike-ride destinations.

Ride safe!

Cycle Fun Montreal


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