Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chateauguay valley summer sunshine ride

Church at Franklin

Finally a depanneur is again open in Franklin (old one burned down a few years ago)

A complete chateauguay valley ride

We headed out to the peaceful country roads of the Chateauguay valley on Saturday. A climb of Covey hill from Havelock was one of the highlights, but so was the peaceful summer countryside, good roads, variety of route choices and low traffic.

Our ride was 110km. The triangular shape of the region means that rides here are easily shortened or lengthened, even mid-ride.

Battle of Chateauguay museum, and popular bike-ride parking spot

The Chateauguay River just after the Trout River joins it

Another closed bridge, this one in Huntingdon

At the top of Covey hill (looking east to
Richelieu valley)

Covey hill from below, it's only one little hill!

Russeltown (flats) church

Pont Barré? No Problem...

We meet these cyclists who arrived from the other direction who also ignored the road closed sign.


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