Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mental health cycletherapy

After a hard day at the salt mines how do you relieve the stresses of the workplace?

Have you tried Dr Olmstead's Mont Royal brand Cycletherapy?

Sunshine, blue sky, Beaver lake, the summit, the cross, the views, the Chalet, the downtown lookout, this ride up Mont Royal on Olmstead road is one of the best rides in Montreal, or anywhere!

The NEW start of Olmstead road, from Pine avenue's new intersection

We were not alone in our pursuit of forest road

The stairs to the Mont Royal Chalet and lookout, these women were doing laps

Out of the forest at Beaver lake. This is a great spot to enjoy the view, or stop and stretch, or make it a picnic destination for supper or on the weekend. It's one of our favorite great sunset spots.

At the Mont Royal Chalet/downtown lookout: Monts St-Bruno and St-Hilaire in the distance (on a clear day you see mountains in Vermont)

Ernest Cormier's magnificent art deco Université de Montréal tower


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