Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mont Hereford mountain bike pictures

Map of the marked trails on Mont Hereford area (see story for links)

East Hereford village and Hall river valley (NH on left!)

Cruising for a snack, luckily we were not the snack

splish splash

leaving the village

where's the good line? (L'Epicée)

Bridge over wetland

Flatter and faster at the bottom of Troll

The first obstacle: a fun twisted little bridge on Indian Stream

This what we came for

Mountain-bike parking is behind the church in East Hereford
(leave your trail payment (now $5, or $20 for a season pass) in the payment device beside the trail map kiosk, (location is left side of photo behind white garage. There is a nice picnic area there too)

Stream crossings were a theme on the L'épicée descent

The village of East Hereford from Panorama

Eglise East Hereford church

The trails were well-marked, here we're almost finished the ride and about to descend Panorama down to village (this would be a good picnic spot)

Took the mountain bike to Mont Hereford near Coaticook on Saturday. This was our first visit here, and we are impressed.

We went up chemin des cotes, then Houle to the start of Indian Stream, the first mountain bike trail of our day. The fun began, and continued for 3 hours. We continued on Troll, then took forest road to L'Epicée (Spicy), which was a descent with mud and multiple stream crossings.

(Here we crossed the road, and left behind Mont Hereford itself. This sector is the circuit north and north-west of the village, this sector is more forest-road and doubletrack (and a dirt-road steep climb on Rang 9). The more open riding in this sector had many good views. On the local maps these trails are called Velo de campagne, (country riding) rather than the more-hard-core than velo de montagne, (mountain biking) but if you ask us, they were a fine way to fill up the end of a beautiful sunny day.)

This took us to the road, we crossed and took Slalom, which starts with a vigorous climb. Then it was a rugged trail down to the road, crossed on to Valloneuse and then Zen, which took us up a valley to the north. Destination is Rang 9, which is a long climb on a steep dirt road. We depart Rang 9 at the Trial Trail, which is a nice change after the climb. It loops north then south and to the final trail of the day, and the ride now is direction "back to East Hereford" on L'express. This doubletrack had excellent views and we had nice daylight and weather here.

One last descent and we're down to the town of East Hereford. This has been a very good day.

stats: our ride today route was roughly 40 km of riding.

More Info:

Go to the East Hereford town website.

Go to for info on Quebec mountain biking trails. Here is the Mont Hereford page (which is also called Sentiers Frontières - "border trails") and there are good maps here (even google earth links!).

Note: there is no drinking water available at the parking: be sure to bring your water with you. There is no depanneur or store, Coaticook has all the services you need, but since it's 25 km from East Hereford, be sure you stop there when passing through, because it's not exactly close if you have to go back for something.

Moo! Hereford is the name for a breed of cattle used mainly for beef production. More info here.

A note on trail building: someone had to build the trails, They didn't just fall from the sky. It is the ADSVMQ who built the trails, and here's the story of the construction. We support the ADSVMQ and we think you should too.

Hunting Season: be aware that mountain biking is closed during hunting season.

Today's route: first half of ride is on Mont Hereford forest singletrack, the second half is on double track and forest roads north of the village of East Hereford

One final note: we really love our disc brakes! Our old FS mountain bike had terrible brakes. We really appreciate the power and control of disc brakes on the new bike.


At 5:42 PM, Anonymous David Lauzon said...

I am glad you had a good time. It was a great idea to mix the new singletrack and the older scenic doubletracks.

Your pictures are awesome.

I sometimes forget the beautiful scenery from the scenic loop.

Thanks for the comments on the trail, it's our packcheck ;)

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

Combining the single track and doubletrack seemed like a logical loop ride.

It wasn't as hard as the distance might indicate, it was a nice distance of riding.

Next time we ride the quartz, and ride firest roads up to the mountain's summit.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger 725 Investment Group said...

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