Friday, June 05, 2009

Potholes? In June? You bet... Ouch!

Asphalt is a difficult medium for humanity. It gives us so much in the ease-of-mobility department, but when asphalt decays back into wildness, it becomes a vicious untamed beast we call potholes. This wild pothole beast can bite. And, inconveniently, this beast just bit us. And now we have a temporarily inoperative left hand.

Did we mention we're left handed?

The lesson we learned is to always scan the road for signs of wild asphalt, because getting bit sucks.

Our treatment consists of ice (the cold stuff) and the use of beer as a muscle relaxant and analgesic.

The good news is the temporary part. That's why we always have an icepack in the freezer. Immediate treatment is important. So is beer. Homer Simpson said beer is the solution to all of life's problems. (unfortunately, Homer also said that beer was the cause of most of life's problems too.)

As a member of the church of the multiple bike collection, we have one bike with a design that resolves most of the conventional bicycle-design's ergonomic equation upside down. Yes, we're talking about our recumbent Rotator Tiger. And the tiger has been heard calling our name recently. "Ride me... Ride me..." But we did not heed its calls.

Since it is probably time to start training for Montreal-Quebec, and this is the bike we wanted to use for this epic, we hereby decide that it is time to make the bent our best friend for the next little while.

We like all kinds of bike-related devices, even unicycles, which are the ultimate in upper-body comfort.


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