Friday, June 05, 2009

Summer sunset urban relaxed ride

A horny (er, horned?) cyclist on the way to the 2009 Tour de Nuit night-time bike ride.

snoozing canards

sunset rides have to have... sunsets!

One of our favorite spots in Montreal is parc Lafontaine

The plateau's dirt-road. Where it is? Can you find it?

Rachel street bike path missing-link section now under construction

eglise st-louis de gonzague

The bike path along the tracks between Plateau and Rosemont

Urban scenery and product placement

McDo litter, we picked it up and put it in a nearby garbage can

On friday night we have energy. Lots of energy. But we want to save this energy for Saturday! So we took a relaxed urban ride to see the sunset from some of our favorite vantage points.

So we headed over to parc Lafontaine. Mount Royal is quite special, but it loses the "local urban park" feel that we find so appealing about parc Lafontaine. We like parc lafontaine a lot. It is one of the great things about Montreal.

In other news, one of our friend's parents met there a long, long time ago, and lived happily ever after.


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