Friday, July 24, 2009

Another P'tit train du Nord ride

This time we parked on the pre-laurentians plains at St-Janvier, rode through St-Jerome, and went as far as our previous (two days ago) starting point, Shawbridge. We would have gone further, but it looked like rain and we wanted to be home for supper for the arrival of this week's panier biologique.

This was a good ride, except for crossing a dozen streets in St-Jerome, particularly the hyper busy one where the crosswalk button was defective.

North of Ste-Jerome the riding was great. Sough of St-Jerome the riding was great. The central bike-plaza in St-Jerome is great too, look for the p'tit train du Nord portrayed in the pavement of the plaza, tres special.

A good ride, but not a great ride.


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