Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jardin de Metis 2010

The Jardin de Metis in Grand Metis Quebec (a bit east of Rimouski) is one of the great traditional gardens of Canada. They also have an annual and extremely un-traditional garden competition that is is much more "art concept" than any concept of garden you might presently have.

But it's 579 km from Montreal to Grand Metis, so, you aren't going there after work tonight! Wouldn't it be nice if the 10th annual International Garden Festival 2009 in Métis came to Montreal?

Your dreams have been answered.

There is one place in Montreal that has an exhibit from the 10th annual International Garden Festival 2009 in Métis, and that is located in front of City Hall and beside Place Jacques Cartier. This is the Place de La Dauversière.

And here it is:

What the heck are these things?

You are thinking... maybe something subatomic?

It's Sea Urchins! Oursins in french.

And they are red at night. Click here for more info.

What is it? What is Grand Metis? All your questions answered...

In the same garden was a statue of Major Jean Drapeau. We looked closely, but we didn't see that bag of crazy he was carrying around with him as his reign as king of Montreal ended.

Note: next door to this is a bike-history exhibition at Chateau Ramezay "Le Grand Tour du Vélo" until 7 September.


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