Tuesday, July 21, 2009

P'tit train du Nord: Prevost to Ste-Agathe

Handy route map of the P'tit Train du Nord
(Notice that they have rebranded the flatland path south of St-Jerome as Le P'tit Train du Nord - Secteur Sud!)

Quiet river along the route - near Piedmont parking

Frothy river along the route (South of Val Morin)

The Alouette at dock in downtown Ste-Agathe

Gare Ste-Agathe. Fire damaged but being rebuilt. The tourist office is in a cabanon nearby and there are 4 outdoor toilets, plenty of parking too.

We like this section of the P'tit train du Nord. We start in the village of Prevost and the trail from here is nice in a wild and undeveloped kind of way. There's nice scenery, a few villages, and once you turn around, it's a downhill ride all the way home.

We rode to Ste-Agathe and into the town to the park in downtown. Conveniently on the water (with a re-naturalized shoreline) and it is beside an ice cream place.

Then we rode back, enjoying the free energy that this downhill direction was giving us.

The best section is between Val Morin and Prevost, and riding this section (downhill=direction south) on a summer's day is one of the great bike-path rides in Quebec.


At 1:29 PM, Anonymous VeloBob said...

Yes, that is a great ride. My wife and I rode to St Agathe from Laval on the 18 July weekend. You have a fine trail system up there...I can only dream of a system of that quality here in the Adirondacks. We want to explore north of St Agathe at some point. We would also like to ride from the northern Adirondacks to her camp in St. Donat via the P'tit train du Nord and the Piste cyclable St-Donat-Ste-Agathe.


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