Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quebec City and Kamouraska trip

Riding the great new riverside bike path along St Laurence river beside Champlain street in Quebec city

View of Quebec Bridge from Champlain street bike path

Riding along the St-Charles river, Quebec city's other great new bike path

Sculpture along the St-Charles river bike path

State of Gandhi, one of Quebec's heros

Bee hives and herb gardens on top of Chateau Frontenac roof

Chateau Frontenac's Hitchcock room (Hitch slept here during the filming of the movie the Confessional, he specifically asked for the room the the executioner for quebec jails slept, and used the same room). Notice the extremely crappy clock radio, it's surprising to see the rich getting the same radio as we wake up with every day

We took a tour of the Chateau Frontenac with the lady in blue

Tree growing over a cannon ball in Quebec city

Rooftop gardens at Musée de la civilization, better than the desert that was up there last year.

Kamouraska from above St-Pacome: lookout above ski hill at cross

Really big white goose in Montmagny (man-eating big)

Kitchen at Seigneurie d'Aulnaies, one of the drawers in the cabinet is for the latest baby

Octopus plant at excellent Jardin Van den Heyde at Université de Laval

Montmagny closes it's downtown strip for our supper strolling.

Building boats the old fashioned way at the Quebec Maritime Museum

Milling flour with water power at Seigneurie d'Aulnies

The outdoor park at Maritime museum (note: no cost to walk around this park)

Cockpit of the Bras d'Or - designed by de Havilland aircraft company

Machine room (sans giant diesel engine) of the Bras d'Or

The all-aluminum Bras d'Or before our tour inside. It's a Technological marvel and sub-hunting (in theory) cold war relic

After our visit to Grosse Ile, we were safe to enter Canada

Side of the big house at Seigneurieu d'Aulnaies: two of these windows are fake!

View from St-Pacome lookout at cross

Happy moss at St-André

Route Verte #5 between Sebka campground and St-Andre in Kamouraska

Natural Quebec scenery

Sebka camping place, no motor homes allowed

Cyclotouristas near St-André

Minor problem upon arival at Grosse-Ile (we survived)

Stained glass at Anglican church on Grosse-Ile

Sekba campsites along St-Laurence river with great view of Charlevoix mountains and coast

Dynamo room for electicty on Grosse-Ile, electricity was here many years before people on the coast got connected to the power grid

Bicyclist in 1896 on Grosse-Ile, fixies were popular back then too

Grosse-Ile is one of Canada's most important places of history

All aboard for Grosse Ile at Berthier sur Mer harbour

Arriving at Grosse ile on a very good weather day

Aboriginal spirit mask at Bassin Brown gallery in Quebec City

Basin Brown lookout, green roof, gallery, and parc

One of the wierder plants at University de Laval jardins

Zzzzzt, danger: the envirotron is activated

Mandatory Chateau Frontenac photo (and waterfront bike path)


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