Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vacation coming up... another Bas Saint-Laurent exploration?

Our vacation is coming up... and we want another Bas Saint-Laurent exploration. (geo-translation note: Bas=lower as in lower Saint Laurence river, east of Quebec city and on the south shore of the river, this is the part of the river shore between the near-to Quebec city area and the Gaspé).

Our physiotherapist made a really good pitch today for Tuscany, but...well that's just a bit too far. So, maybe we could dub the Bas St-Laurent "the Tuscany of Quebec." Except it is wrong. There is only one Tuscany, and only one Quebec. And Quebec definitely has its own very special charms.

Our main hope is that the weather is happiness-inducing. Because good weather begets good bicycling. And we hope this year to do a nice'n'easy 100 km ride with a big tailwind. Get on the bike, and fly with the wind. And while we ride we will enjoy some of the best scenery in Quebec, and therefore some of the best scenery in the entire world. And with good weather, camping is a must. Rainy weather induces the need for costly indoor accommodations.

We really liked our visits to the Bas St-Laurent last year. Last year we did excellent bike path cycling (le Petit Temis) and road cycling (along the St-Laurence and spicier inland riding), the art and culture (Reford Gardens/Jardin des Metis, assorted museums), history, and the fresh sea air and great sunsets over the Charlevoix. This year we might take a ferry across the river and do a few days in the Charlevoix too. the Parc de Haute Gorge de la riviere Malbaie is one of quebec's most impressive sights.

The world has not collapsed yet, so with summer here it's time to enjoy life. Woohoo!


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