Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bike Train service between Montreal and Toronto

The Ontario-based Bike-Train group have convinced VIA Rail to carry bicycles on the Montreal-Toronto route. This is a pilot project, running this summer from August 24 to October 8.

The blurb:

Bike Train service between Montreal and Toronto

We are excited to announce a new pilot project that introduces twice daily Bike Train service between Montreal and Toronto offering bike racks onboard. The pilot will run from August 24 to October 8 allowing cyclists to take the train with their bikes - no box or disassembly required!

Tickets must be purchased through the Bike Train website.

Service Train-Vélo entre Montréal et Toronto

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer un nouveau programme pilote de Train-Vélo entre Montréal et Toronto. Ce service commençera le 24 août et continuera jusqu'au 8 octobre avec deux trains par jour. Il n'est plus nécessaire de mettre vos bicyclettes en boite.

Les billets doivent être achetés sur le site du Train-Vélo.
This is an excellent idea. Especially for Ontarionians who want to come and visit the the bike-paradise of Montreal and other parts of Quebec. For Quebecers, we suggest you go to Toronto on the train and ride home, with the wind on your back for 500 quite scenic kilometres.

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