Wednesday, August 05, 2009

local nature ride: it's the St-Laurence Seaway ride

Passing under the Champlain bridge on the voie maritime or seaway bike path.

Lots of riverside seating at parc Recreo-parc at western end of Seaway bike path

A view of Montreal in the summer that you have to experience

The best ride-your-bike-nonstop / no-car-traffic-or-stop-signs ride in the Montreal area is the Ste-Laurence seaway along the south shore. This is between Pont Victoria and the the Ecluse Ste-Catherine.

Montreal is an island in the middle of a river, (a BIG river) but we are mostly cut off from the water. This ride will reconnect you with the river that is still one of the defining features of Montreal.

The bike path is a 16 km road with 11 km paved, no car traffic, and complete isolation from modern civilization. You ride out, you relax at the nature setting of the recreo-parc and then you ride back.

It's a psychic-reset for the city dweller who needs some fresh air and green space in their life, even for just a couple of hours.

Stretching in a tree-hugging kind of way.


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