Friday, August 21, 2009

St-urbain bike lane

The St-Urbain downhill, one-way only, painted-bike-lane was in the news recently, because Bus Drivers are afraid they will kill a cyclist. (we swear this is true)

In other St-Urbain bike lane news (reporting the news was blogger VĂ©lomane), the painted bike lane has been painted from Sherbrooke street to de Maisonneuve (and it's "real" bike path). Whether you like this particular bike infrastructure or not, we think that painting the bike lane lines on the pavement is an important road safety improvement: a control device that (for a change) is designed to protect cyclists. We want to see a lot more of this in Montreal.

Something we would like to NOT see on the St-Urbain (one-way, downhill, speedy cycling) bike-lane are the uphill-direction, wrong-way bike riders (a.k.a. "salmon" because they tenaciously swim upstream against the current, until they reproduce and die) on this particular bike lane.


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