Monday, August 17, 2009

another Cycle Fun Montreal favorite ride

100 km around the middle of the Mauricie region, an A+ ride!

Catholic church in St-Thecle

Gravity experiment involving barn
, successful?

The Pont Bordeleau covered bridge is completing a major renovation.

Our ride went as planned. Summer was peaking, and it was an oven. Keep moving to stay cool. Fluids. More fluids. The situation was excellent.

Our ride was start in St-Flore in Grand Mere, then we crossed the river (cars can't stop for the view but bikes can) and go north along the east side of the Saint-Maurice river, then we turn south on Rt 159 and ride inland through a great narrow valley, eventually we reach the open farmland at St-Tite. Here we turn east east for a clockwise loop through this farmland and then we cross the bridge again and back to St-Flore.

Recommended: stopping for a break in the shade inside the covered bridge.

Highlights include the St-Maurice river views, the Rt 159 valley, a great "tree tunnel," the covered bridge, and beating the rain.

It did rain cats and dogs, but lucky for us it was 30 minutes after the end of the ride. We had warning, because each time we headed in direction north, we got light rain starting. Weird weather, so it must be august.

This is a very good ride.


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