Monday, September 21, 2009

Mont Hereford and september sunshine

Panorama, look closely, trees with a tag are going to someone's home for christmas

Today's star attraction

Welcome to mountain bike paradise

Village of East Hereford from Panorama

Village of St-Venant-de-Paquette

Church at St-Venant-de-Paquete

View from Sapiniere, near junction of La Noire/Bobine

Bridge on Bobine (see video here)

Had another great day at Mont Hereford.

The route (from church in East Hereford)
  • a bit of road
  • Le Noire (uphill)
  • La Bobine (uphill)
  • (minor explorations on unmarked new bump trail off of Bobine)
  • Quartz US
  • Quartz Cdn
  • turn around at forest road at end of Quartz Cdn
  • Quartz Cdn
  • Quartz US
  • Bobine (downhill)
  • side trip on Sapiniere to valley lookout and back
  • Des Pins (downhill)
  • road past the village of East Hereford
  • Chemin de la Riviere to St-Venant de Paquette
  • (minor village tour up to the church)
  • Rang 9 uphill from east side (easier than west side)
  • Trial from uphill start (much better!)
  • L'Express (rock and roll)
  • Panorama (woohoo!)

And suddenly we were back at the village. 50 km, 5 hours riding time.

We had a real A+ day.


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