Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumn is the season for repairs, for your bikes and your bikes' clothing

Now is a good time to get your bike repairs planned and completed.

Bikes can run quite well even when in need of serious repairs, since the decay timeline is very gradual. But sooner or later, the repair needs to be done. Waiting for spring is just stupid: expect long delays as everyone takes their bike in for service on the same sunny spring day. Take your bike in for service in the autumn, and spring will arrive and you and your bike will be ready for copious amounts of joy.

But what about your cycling garments that need repair? Rips, opened seams, aging and accidental damage, and of course cool custom modifications? We recommend De Fil en Montagne on Marie-Anne between St-Hubert and St-Denis in the Plateau Mont Royal. They have served us well in the past. We have a big batch of items for repair and modifications (yes, we waited to get our winter stuff repaired until October. Doh!)

One good thing we did in the past was to have more reflective tape sewn on some of our bike jackets and backpacks. Remaining visible at night is something we learned the very hard way. But, at least we had a second chance and we learned our lesson. Dressing in black and riding at night is not a very good idea. (Please get a set of lights.)


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