Monday, October 12, 2009

Canal Beauharnois bike path

Massive-size Beauharnois canal

Important: this section in Beauharnois section is CLOSED until 2013

Bikes are not permitted on the two bridges across the canal (thanks fed's), a bike shuttle exists, in summer only. It is time for the construction of bike/pedestrian sidewalks on these two bridges.

Colours were amazing. We love October!

There are several good canal bike paths in Quebec. Chambly, Lachine, Soulanges, and Beauharnois are all good bike rides.

We went to Hungry Bay near Valleyfield to ride the Beauharnois Canal on Sunday. There was big, big wind. Lucky for us we had a sick person copping out on the ride, so he drove the car between the start and end points of the ride. The wind was forecast to gust to 70 km/h, and we knew what this meant as a tailwind-induced means of happiness.

The wind kept a lot of people away and this meant a quiet and lazy cruise eastward until our destination at the Louis de Gonzague bridge. We were met by 100s of people who were there to see Marjo.

And then we decided the wind was ok, and the path was quite sheltered from west-winds and rode back to the starting point, annoying our car-driver to no end!


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