Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cote ste-Catherine bike path now complete to Cote des Neiges

The Cote Ste-Catherine bike path is now complete to Cote des Neiges. The catch is that the path climbs Vincent-d'Indy and continues on the quieter Edouard-Montpetit.


Walk-signal redesign and quality control problems continue

Something for the city to consider doing to improve the Cote-Ste-Catherine bike path is to restore the walk-signal part of the traffic-light cycle at Laurier and St-Joseph intersections.

Because they have recently canceled the pedestrian-crossing part of the traffic-light-cycle.

yes, for a few short months, pedestrians and cyclists had their own part of the traffic light cycle. We meant something, we counted, we were on the radar. The city had actually created a safer situation for cyclists and pedestrians.

Well, that couldn't last long, could it?

In what is surely a reaction to complaining motorists, the city removed the integrated-walk-signal. Now cyclists have to hop on to the sidewalk to push the walk button.

This wouldn't be so bad if the push buttons all worked. But these all-new buttons have a large number of inoperative buttons. That's right, many of these push-to-walk buttons don't work.

It's a cruel joke by some car-loving traffic engineers, we assume.

Nice job giving us a nice new intersection, then going that extra step and then removing our ability to cross the intersection safely.


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